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Our sister company Z.A.International was established in 2012. While still a young company it has achieved great success. Its main business is to provides Technical Advisory and is the Market Representative of Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works Limited (KSEW).

KSEW is mainly designed for shipbuilding and repairs. They have expertise in building a range of high quality and reliable ships for national and inter- national clients. They also have a comprehensive setup for repairing, rebuilding and overhauling of naval and commercial vessels with quality work delivered to the highest standards in the safest. However, due to the slump in the industry it has diversified its general engineering business.

Z.A.International has played a vital role in the revival and promotion of the KSEW’s General Engineering Services in the sugar industry. Our CEO, Mr. Faraz engaged KSEW as a client and assisted in establishing a foundry in KSEW. With the project near completion, the services of the foundry were marketed in the sugar industry and for the past 3 years KSEW has been generating substantial business from the re-shelling of Sugar Mill Rollers, Sugar Plant and Machinery. With respect to new business for KSEW, Z.A. International has successfully helped the company to win a contract for build a new Sugar Mill.

Z.A.International has also established a technology transfer agreement with KSEW and Forges Tardieu a 166 year old Mauritian company for enhancing Shipyard’s capabilities.